Portfolio Categories: Airport Service

Apron Vehicles Pooling Services

Licensed by Airport Authority to provide 24/7 goods transportation, airside escort and airport staff transportation to the airport community in collaboration with Dah Chong Hong (Motor Leasing) and Chu Kong Passenger Transport.

Baggage Unloading Services (BUS)

Since 2018, EID provides the human resource services to perform arrival baggage unloading at the baggage hall. EID also deploys qualified and experienced tractor drivers to facilitate subsequent unloading. The project includes over 200+ operational staff and more than 20 supervisory staff. We support frontline operations with comprehensive training.

Trolley Management Services

Since 2014, EID was appointed by Airport Authority to manage the recirculation of baggage trolleys at the airport, covering area such as the terminal, Ground Transportation Centre and carparks.

Ramp Service

To support the needs of ramp handling operators, EID offers professional manpower solutions with adequate training to all qualified drivers and labours.

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